Sunday, July 31, 2016

Normal weather

The weather lately has been terrible: Severe storms, a lot of rain, strong winds, and some pretty cold temperatures. In other words, it’s been pretty normal for winter.

The fact that the weather is normal doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, of course, and there has been some damage caused by the storms in addition to the usual unpleasantness associated with so much wind and rain.

The other day it rained about as hard as I’ve ever heard it rain in New Zealand, followed by a terrible hailstorm so severe I was certain it would break the Perspex roofs over our decks. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but the tremendous noise made all our furbabies very unhappy, and the loud thnunder frightened Sunny, who doesn’t like loud, explosive noises like that (she’s also frightened by fireworks).

It’s rained at least part of nearly every day for weeks, and over the past couple weeks we’ve had a lot of severe storms. I keep checking to make sure out drains are clear, but that’s about all I can right now; it’s just too yucky to be outside.

And, this is a problem. Last year at about this time, I wrote about cleaning off the gunge that builds up on wooden decks in the winter time. It turned out the product I used didn’t work well at all, and later this coming week or next week (depending on my schedule and the weather) I’m going to try again. And I’ll document it all this time, including last year’s failure.

This time of year, it’s too yucky to go out and about, so there aren’t any photo adventures to share. So, dealing with the bad weather is about it for now. On the other hand, Spring finally begins one month from tomorrow. I am SO ready for that.

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