Monday, July 18, 2016


I frequently take breaks from serious subjects, and after a few fairly serious posts in a row, it's time for something less serious. Which is not to say this isn’t an important topic, because if I were about to be executed, I’d want pizza for my last meal.

The video above features the boys from ASAP Thought, the companion channel to ASAP Science. They’re joined by The Domestic Geek to talk about pizza. In this video, they talk about the science behind pizza—why do we love it so much? Turns out there are scientific explanations—not that I care about any of that when I’m trying to consume as much pizza as I possibly can.

The video at the bottom of the post is by The Domestic Geek, who is joined by the boys from ASAP Thought/Science. This video features the making of three pizzas that are somewhat healthier than typical pizzas (mostly because they’re lower in sugar). I’d be interested in adapting the first pizza she makes, and she provides the actual recipes in the description for her video.

We’ve made our own pizzas from time to time, but not for years. More recently, we made our own version of mini-pizzas using corn tortillas as the base. But, we got out of the habit of making those, too, after awhile (maybe we made it too often?), and we’ve never gone back to any pizza making. Maybe it’s time we re-visited it.

I love pizza with an unreasonable passion. Thanks to the boys from ASAP Thought, I now know why. Thanks to The Domestic Geek, I have some ideas for healthier pizzas we could make.

This topic may not be serious, but it’s clearly important to me. And, it IS my blog, after all.

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