Saturday, June 08, 2013

You're having a lesbian

This video was commissioned by Shelley Argent, Australian National Spokesperson for the Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays (PFLAG) for their What R U Having? project. I think it works really well.

Their essential point is that since any child can be born gay, marriage equality is every family’s issue. That being the case, Australian families should start lobbying their members of Parliament to bring the freedom to marry to Australia.

All true and sensible, but our adversaries deny that LGBT people are born, declaring that homosexuality is a “choice”. They’re so obviously wrong that simple common sense easily shows it: Not one of our adversaries has been able to say at what moment they “chose” to be heterosexual, or why. And, of course, even if they were right, it wouldn’t matter: Religion is 100% choice, yet we don’t deny people the freedom to marry based on their religion.

I’m sure some people would be very challenged by this ad: The way it matter-of-factly deals with the reality that children are born LGBT, as well as the fact that the soon-to-be parents are delighted. Such people are unlikely to be able to grasp the meaning in the ad, and how they should fight for their LGBT family members’ freedom to marry because they’re family members.

See? This issue really is much simpler than our adversaries like to suggest.

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