Thursday, June 06, 2013

Liars and bigots

This video is from the Human Rights Campaign and shows the frothing of the liars and bigots of the anti-gay hate groups “protesting” outside their headquarters. Don’t expect this video to last long: Far right groups, embarrassed by any public display of their bigotry, almost always file phony “copyright” claims to get videos like this taken down.

I couldn’t possibly care less what these people’s religious beliefs are, assuming they have some. All people are entitled to believe whatever they want, and that must include bizarre, crackpot religious beliefs, too. If their religion demands it, people are also entitled to believe whatever lies and utter nonsense they want to. When a church enters the public square, however, their espoused beliefs become entirely debateable—that’s called democracy and free speech.

However, these bigots are NOT from churches—they’re from anti-LGBT hate groups. The bigots operate in the public square, not some church, so their lies, smears, defamation and bigoted hatred will be confronted wherever they go. As they should be,

I think that this video is good because it just lets the bigot spew their lies and bigotry, quietly posting links to facts and truth the bigots and hate group leaders are so desperately trying to hide, like that “reparative therapy” is a scam and torture (HRC has a page just about the truth on that issue).

These bigots are flat out evil: They know that they’re deliberately spreading lies, smears, distortions, defamation and outright bigotry, but they do it anyway. Obviously, doing this provides them with a nice income, so it’s not like they have any incentive to repent and start telling the truth.

The good news is that these bigots are a tiny, tiny minority among a minority (far right political activists) who are in turn a tiny minority among a minority (conservatives generally). They are, however, influential far beyond their miniscule numbers: With huge piles of money to promote their lies and bigotry, they have access to politicians most people don’t have, and are the “go to” people when the mainstream people wants “balance” in a news report on issues affecting LGBT people.

These people hate us, simply put. They lie about everything to do with LGBT people. Put the two together, and it’s clear: They’re nothing but liars and bigots.

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