Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebration in California

Here are a few video reactions about the US Supreme Court ruling on of California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8. The court ruled that the defenders of California's gay marriage ban did not have the right to appeal lower rulings that had struck down Prop 8.

In the video above, David Boies of AFER and plaintiffs Kris Perry, Sandy Stier, Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami spoke outside the court. AFER worked long and hard to get Prop 8 overturned, and this ruling accomplished that by letting the lower court ruling against it stand. The California Public Health Department issued a letter to that state’s country clerks and registrars telling them that once the Ninth Circuit Court lifts its stay, they can again issue marriage licenses to same-gender couples. They anticipate this could take about a month (the letter is available online as a PDF).

In the video below, Chad Griffin, President of HRC (and former head of AFER), interrupts an interview with Kris Perry to let them speak with President Obama, who’d rung from Air Force One with his congratulations. It was a nice touch.

And finally, here’s the first celebratory video I’ve seen (I’m sure there will be countless more). This one is by Sean Chapin, whose videos I’ve posted before. I do wonder one thing, though: This looks to have been made in advance, so did Sean make another one in case the ruling went the wrong way? Oh, who cares—let’s just celebrate!

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