Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Undercover cover

Sometimes life just presents photo ops. Or, maybe I’m just cursed to notice them. Either way, they happen more than I document.

Yesterday, I was changing the bedding and moved my sleeping shorts aside. I put my Kindle, in sleep mode, on top. When I was done making the bed I looked over and noticed that it was almost as if it was camouflaged. I grabbed my phone and took the photo above. It's exactly as I found it.

When I was younger—say, thirty years or so ago—I often looked around and saw interesting patterns, natural compositions, studies of light and shadow, or just juxtaposition and I snapped photos.

Then, I just stopped—just like I stopped writing fiction. No reason, and certainly no plan, I just stopped.

From time to time, I’ve posted some of my photos on this blog, including some I particularly liked. The earliest, probably, was in February 2007. I posted two more a year later (the second one has popped up in later Tweets). There have been others.

The point about my photos, writing and any other creative endeavours is that I put them out there because I like them or because I need to express myself (sometimes, fortunately, both); I’m not really concerned whether they find a mass audience or not—I know that some people will connect. I imagine most creative people think similarly.

Sometimes I still see things the way I used to, decades ago, and sometimes I have a camera handy. Like I did yesterday. I must make that happen more often.

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