Saturday, June 01, 2013

Debunking a lie

The radical right religious/political activists have been caught out in another lie, and they’ve been exposed in their continuing attempt to divide LGBT people and Black people.

Tracy Baim, publisher of Windy City Times, videoed this interview with Black Caucus chair Rep. Ken Dunkin after the marriage equality non-vote. He is adamant: This was NOT a Black Caucus issue.

Brian Brown, spokesbigot for the National Organisation for Man/Lady Only Marriage, went WAY out of his way to praise the Black community. This was crass, partisan politics—Bri was trying to put in action NOM’s cynical plan to create division between LGBT people and Black people.

Brian Brown couldn’t possibly care less what Black people think or want, and his organisation is clearly racist, given its deliberate strategy of fomenting division between Black and LGBT people—using Black people, in other words. NO one should buy into the far right’s propaganda attempts to create division where none exists.

There are anti-gay Black legislators, but you know what? There are a helluva lot more anti-gay white legislators—why is their race not an issue? Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the freedom to marry—why is party not an issue? The fact is, radical right religious/political activists have a vested political interest in framing this as a Gay vs. Black issue, when it is absolutely NOT that at all.

Obviously, the modern phrase is, there are lies, damned lies, and the radical right religious/political activists.


rogerogreen said...

Maybe the Illinois delegation suffered from triskaidekaphobia - they were afraid of being the 13th state?

rogerogreen said...

response will require a blog post