Monday, June 17, 2013

Wintry weather

I hate winter. I think I’ve made that pretty clear already, but the fact that I still have to endure it in Auckland annoys me. Mind you, winter annoys me.

The video above from The New Zealand Herald talks about what’s coming. What it means for us in Auckland is cold weather: Daytime highs at the end of this week will be lower than the nighttime lows are now. Great.

When we last had a weather system like this, we had snow flurries in Queen Street (but none where I was that day). That could happen again, or just hail. Nice. If snow flurries do happen in the Auckland CBD, it’ll be only the second time in the years I’ve lived in New Zealand.

I'd already planned on going out tomorrow to do some grocery shopping, but I’ll get a bit extra so I don’t have to go out the rest of the week. Yeah, I really do hate winter weather that much.

Actually, to be specific, it’s cold I hate. And in Auckland we get cold without the pay-off of a winter wonderland of snow. That’s just cruel.

But, yeah: I hate winter.


rogerogreen said...

Ah, those Kiwi winters...and I thought an Illinois kid I thought would be tougher!

Logan said...

Yeah, I hate winter too. Fortunately, they are SO much more mild here. The trees don't die, and the birds stick around. Still, never happy to see snow. I had enough of that shit between Erie, PA, Pittsburgh and Baltimore!