Thursday, June 20, 2013

News and not

I have zero respect for Fox “News” because I don’t think there’s anything about them that deserves respect. Even so, sometimes they surprise me with how bad they really are.

The video above is from Media Matters for America (considered an enemy, apparently, by many Fox “News” performers). The video’s subject: “All three cable news networks covered the beginning of Obama's historic speech in Berlin, but only one network cut away early.”

What struck me about this video is that it’s the first time I’ve seen the antics of Fox shown like this—side-by-side with real news organisations. The sped-up portion made it really easy to see what Fox did without the video getting too boring. I think it works really well. I don’t know whether this has been done before, but I think it’s an effective way of clearly showing what Fox does.

Fox is the way it is because it delivers eyes to advertisers and makes them money. As long as that continues at an amount sufficient to please shareholders, they won’t change. And as long as that’s the case, there will be watchdogs calling them out on it. Good to see another effective way to do that.

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