Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Diversion: Higa TV

I can’t remember how I found this video, but when I did, I shared it on social media. It turns out, it was one of several clever videos done by 23-year-old film student, Ryan Higa. Because I liked what I saw, I decided to make him a Weekend Diversion—a blog series I’ve neglected—by sharing two of his videos that are among my favourites.

Above is “Candy Crush The Movie (Official Trailer)”, which is a spoof movie trailer centred on the popular Facebook game. When I posted the video, I said, “it's funny because it's so true.” As an addict player of the game, there was plenty about it that rang true. It makes light-hearted fun of Candy Crush and other “social games”, as well as the people who play them—all without being mean or harsh. They also posted a “behind the scenes” video.

The video below, “Bromance (Official Music Video)” is a comedic music video about male bonding. It makes fun mostly of uptight guys, and also guys who are perceived as taking “bromance” a little too seriously.

There’s a discernible gay vibe that runs through many of their videos (and Ryan makes fun of himself being perceived as being gay in some of his videos). This unconcerned air seems to me to be fairly typical of the way a lot of young guys relate to one another nowadays. They’re not worried about being perceived as gay because they don’t think it’s a bad thing, and because they have close friends who are gay. It’s a different world.

Whatever. I just think they’re funny videos. Check out Ryan’s YouTube Channel for more videos, and his website for more information about him and his other work. I bet we’ll be seeing a lot from him in the years ahead.

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