Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When one is busy

I’m always busy, it seems, as so many others are. Usually I manage to blog on a regular basis, but that’s been harder this year, and podcasting largely impossible. My first inclination is to think I’m not as good as the people who overcome such obstacles, which probably means I’m telling you more about me and my psyche than I should, but there you go. Blogging.

It’s not just about being organised and prepared and such, even though I often tell myself it is, because I’ve always been a spontaneous blogger, writing about what interests me at that very moment. I’ve never been particularly good at preparing blog posts in advance, though I wish I were.

Same with podcasting. Most of the podcasters I know record in advance of when they actually post episodes, sometimes WAY in advance. Not me. If a recorded episode isn’t posted in 24 hours, it probably never will be, and I have many, many “lost episodes”. Blog posts, too, for that matter.

Well, that’s the way things were. It’s time to adapt to the new reality: I’m busy almost non-stop now, and finding the time for spontaneity is getting harder and harder. So, in the coming year I hope to be able to prepare blog posts and podcast episodes in advance so that I can keep to some sort of regular schedule. I hope to be able to slip in additional blog posts and podcast episodes whenever a topic grabs me, but at the very least I hope to maximise time when it’s available so I can publish new content on a regular basis. The way I see it, what’s the point of building a relationship with followers if I don’t provide new stuff?

That’s all what I hope to do. Whether I succeed or not, well… This year hasn’t been great, but a new year always provides the opportunity for a restart, a reboot. Even when one is busy.


Roger Owen Green said...

spontaneity is highly overrated.

I've written a blogpost for every day until the end of the year, made necessary by the fact that I'll be away for four of those days.

I have stuff to do for FantaCon, and there's Christmas. Sunday past was church, watch Nutcracker with daughter, watch Nutcracker that had my daughter in it. NO blogging took place.

And the great thing is that, if something more pressing/interesting comes up, I can bump certain things (I have an idea for a post that just can't wait until next year - if I write about how mean God is, you'll know it's of a recent vintage.

Arthur Schenck said...

The mental draft of this post included a reference to your method, but I abandoned it because I'd have to talk bout podcasters who record in advance and, well, that's fraught, for many reasons. Still, you serve as both an example and an inspiration for what I want to work toward. Thanks of that—sincerely!