Monday, December 24, 2012

Amid the madding crowd

This afternoon, I needed to venture out to pick up a last couple items for tomorrow’s Christmas Feast. It wasn’t as bad as it might have been.

My sister-in-law accompanied me (she only needed some malt vinegar), and off we went to the local small shopping centre that has the grocery story I go to. The carpark was packed. We waited, someone left, someone didn’t, and we moved on to take another park just as the lady who didn’t leave, who we were waiting for, decided to leave after all.

Waiting for the new park, a man decided that he should have that spot. He was wrong, and left searching for a new space, one he could legitimately claim. I should say now, because I’ll forget later, that when we left, we got out as fast as possible so others waiting for a park could select our space quickly and easily.

The small mall/shopping centre/whatever wasn’t all that busy, really. However, the grocery store had sold out of English muffins—can you imagine?! Well, they did have two packs of fruit ones—for which I gasped in horror, not the least because they simply wouldn’t do for our Eggs Benedict Christmas brunch.

A lady, who apparently had never been to a grocery store before, took forever at the checkout. Because she did, I noticed a window sign in the more-or-less health shop across the way for “Tart Cherry” which, I surmised, was good for gout. A quick stop and $50 later, and I had some pills to try out.

Off, then, to the butcher, after some discussion of possibly walking between shops, and who might do so—something that would not have been a good idea for either of us. I picked up the steaks for our Christmas BBQ dinner. The sister-in-law, some salad stuff at the greengrocer. Then, it was on to another, smaller grocery store.

Our final stop supplied us with English muffins (hooray!), some dip for the vege platter (which was NOT on the list, but needed), and some other odds and ends we couldn’t get at the other store. Then, it was home.

Thai takeaways rounded out our Christmas Eve evening. The restaurant was empty when we arrived, but as we waited, the phone rang with large bookings for that evening. Home again, some wines and such and the evening ended.

Now, as we ease toward the big day of Christmas, we are far from the madding crowd. Everything is good, and to all, a good night.

And thanks to the sister-in-law, who suggested this blog post topic.

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