Sunday, December 23, 2012

What do you want know?

I’ve been posting to this blog for over six years, but I haven’t talked about everything. It’s not hard to figure our what I think about issues, what I get up to, and so on, but obviously there’s always more. Here’s your chance to fill in the blanks.

For the first time ever, I’m opening this up to questions: About me, about New Zealand, about being an expat—whatever! If there’s a question you’ve had, now is the time to ask, and I promise to answer truthfully—well, insofar as I’m able.

Simply post a question in the comments (anonymous comments are okay), or send me an email (link at right, under “Contact Me”). Either way, I’ll answer them in the order received, maybe over several posts (if I’m fortunate to have many questions). If you email me, of course I can withhold your name when I reply (just let me know, or give me a pseudonym to refer to you).

If I get no questions—which is highly probable, actually—I’ll just count this post as one more toward achieving my goal of an average of one post per day for the year. So, I’ll still “win”.

Note: My answers to the questions are now posted, too.

This idea, like several others on this blog, is actually “borrowed” from my Blogging Buddy™, Roger Green, who recently posed his latest “Ask Roger Anything”.


Unknown said...

From reading your blog (and I found it very interesting ^_^) I can see that you like politics and social issues in general. You seem to care a lot about things that are happening in the world, particularly in NZ and in US ,obviously.
We see societies all over the world evolving constantly. Do you have an image of an ideal society? What is it like?(just a short general idea I guess). From your experiences, is New Zealand anywhere closer to that ideal than US as a country? If so by how much?
Thank you, I'm really interested to know, New Zealand is fascinating to me, I don't know, maybe I've move there in the distant future.
I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

Roger Owen Green said...

Tell of a time when you were working very hard on preparing for a project/event, but which, at the last minute, you were unable to finish because you got sick, or lost, at the last minute. (It's happened to me.)