Thursday, December 06, 2012

Marriage equality matters

Above is a new video from New Zealand’s Campaign for Marriage Equality. It features “celebrities, media personalities, respected community leaders, sports people and everyday New Zealanders who all support marriage equality, and the campaign to [extend] equal marriage to all” (a list of people in the video is in the video description on YouTube). I like it.

The video focuses on the main issue, that a person ought to have the right to commit in marriage to the person he or she loves, and also that that right ought to be available to all people equally—gay and straight alike. It’s such a simple issue, and the video is simple and straightforward. That's what makes it effective, in my opinion.

Enacting marriage equality really should be a no-brainer, and, increasingly, it is: The tide of history and justice are on our side: Marriage equality is inevitable. It would be nice, though, if that progress was a little faster.

Like the video says, this issue is about love. What rational person could be against that?

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