Monday, December 17, 2012

NZ podcast guest spot

I almost never mention my podcast on this blog anymore, and when I do it’s because of a special reason. Like, this one.

I was recently a guest on “The Egonomist”, a Wellington-based political podcast. That episode is now posted to my podcast site.

This was the first time since I started podcasting in 2007 that I’ve been a guest on a New Zealand podcast. The reason is simply that there just aren’t many independent podcasts in this country. Instead, most are what I call “Commercial Podcasts”, that is, recorded versions of radio and television shows, or things put out by government or businesses. They’re the sort of things that iTunes Store promotes instead of independent content producers

There are sometimes NZ podcasts from non-profit organisations (like churches) or political groups, but not many of them and many don’t last or are sporadic. Since there are only a handful of independent podcasts in New Zealand at any given time, it was probably only natural that sooner or later we’d record together (and I’ll have the hosts, Dan and Dave on my podcast next year). We also have similar political views, which made it even more likely we’d record together.

I’ve listened to them for quite awhile now, and I follow Dan and Dave on Twitter (highly recommend them both), where we’ve had good conversations, a few laughs and some fun. All of which made me feel like I knew them long before we recorded together.

I am a podcast listener as much as content producer (these days, probably more so), and I’m a booster of independent podcasters and podcasting. I think it’s a wonderful medium, which is a topic in itself, I suppose.

But for now, check out the episode. Links for The Egonomist and Dan’s and Dave’s Twitter feeds are on my podcast site.

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