Monday, December 31, 2012

Another New Year's Eve

It's another New Year's Eve, the end of another year. It's also almost the start of a new year.

I have no traditions for New Years. I do remember, however, that my mother used to have us take a lit candle to every corner of the house. It was a Pennsylvania Dutch (German) tradition, she said. Nowadays, I think that it was a remarkably unusual thing for a preacher's wife to do. No wonder I'M so unusual...

Tonight we had Chinese takeaways for dinner. No reason, it was just easy. The photo above is of our usual place. It may not look like much, but it's the best Chinese we've yet found in Auckland. And it was good, as always.

We also watched the newest "Muppet Movie". We all sang along with "Rainbow Connection". Bliss.

As darkness fell, people in the neighbourhood started letting off fireworks—as they have every night for the past couple weeks. Nice (that's sarcasm, by the way).

The evening turned oddly cool for a summer evening, and we put on jumpers and sweatshirts and the like. This is weird, but it's been a weird summer so far.

We moved inside—too cold outside. The most recent Transformers movie is on Sky Movies now. It'll do. Wines have been had, after all.

And still we have time to kill.

Well, some of us did. Some went off to bed after 11—amateurs!—and I waited with the youngest niece. She's a trooper. And off I go now, to wait for the new year, some 15 minutes away.

Good night—and Happy New Year!

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