Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The version before

On Sunday I posted a video called “Candlelight” by a Jewish a cappella group called “The Maccabeats”. I later noticed that the video had been removed—apparently I’d posted someone else’s posting, not the folks who made it.

When I went to YouTube to get the embed code to fix that, I found that video was credited to another video, Mike Tomkins’ a cappella cover of Taio Cruz’ “Dynamite”. You following this? A video based on a video cover of another person’s song. Right. Okay, then.

Anyway, Tomkins’ version features him making all the instrument sounds by mouth, interesting in itself (and the main reason I’m posting it), but he also shows how he did it. And he doesn’t autotune his singing, which is always a plus. His other videos are on his YouTube Channel.

The original version (the ancestor of both the videos I posted) is also available on YouTube, but I’m not posting it here, partly because it may not be available for viewing everywhere in the world and one restricted video a month is enough.

Which just goes to show how you look on the Internet for one thing and come away with another.

Update: Billboard has ranked the original version of this song, by Taio Cruz, as the ninth biggest hit of 2010. Another of his songs was tenth.

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d said...

Certainly doesn't hurt that he's uber-cute... :)