Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunny has arrived

Our new fur baby, Sunny, arrived this afternoon. She came to us because she could no longer stay with her previous family and we were chosen as the new home because we have Jake, a cavoodle like Sunny.

The introduction went smoothly; the kids all tolerated each other well, and they all seemed at ease. Sunny had a quiet evening, but isn’t quite at home yet. This will take time. She’s left the only home she’s ever known, and it will take awhile for her to adjust. That’s to be expected.

On her side is the fact that she’s been boarded at other people’s houses before, so this experience isn’t totally new to her. In time, she’ll adjust to our routines and even feel at home—but it will take time.

Also on her side: She has two patient, experienced carers who know a thing or two about integrating a new fur baby (though I sought advice all the same—it would be arrogant to assume that one knows it all!).

The photo above is of Sunny setting a paw inside the house for the first time, with Jake close behind. The photo below is of Sunny sitting and looking out the deck doors. No doubt more photos are to come!

I’ve added the tag “Furbabies”, and I’ll eventually add that link to all my old posts about our furbabies. I’ve also created a set on Flickr to hold all these photos. It will be added to.


epilonious said...


I hope that Sunny and Jake take to snuggling.

Then it will be like you have a little pile of chocolate and french vanilla frozen yogurt swirl on the carpet or doggy bed.

doyle and mollie said...

woof hoooooos - she looks beutiful!

amerinz's sis said...

Welcome to the family, Sunny!! I know you'll have lots of fun with your brother Jake. And you're lucky to have the best daddies, too!!

d said...

So cute! Now you have a salt to go with the pepper! =)