Thursday, December 16, 2010

A friend in need

I’ve always said that one of the best things about blogging and podcasting is getting to know and interact with people all over the world. We may never meet a lot of these folks, but it’s still fun and interesting, regardless. However, I do wish we had a good neologism to describe these people, something other than “online friend,” “blogging buddy,” etc.

Anyway, because I write/podcast about expat issues, moving to New Zealand and such, I’ve made contact with quite a few people interested in one or both, and that’s great. Some of them I continue to interact with, and one of those is Mhairi Gordon.

When we first “met”, she and her partner were looking to emigrate to New Zealand. For a number of reasons, that didn’t work out (check out her blog for the story, still evolving—it’s really interesting).

Through this process, Mhairi began a business offering life coaching, a business that’s remarkably portable—an especially good idea for someone planning to be an expat! Mhairi is currently doing some market research and wondered if my readers might be willing to help her by completing a survey. She even offers a free coaching session to sweeten the deal!

So, here’s Mhairi’s message to you. Like I said, I’ve gotten to know her, and this is legit:
Hi, I’m Mhairi Gordon and in return for your time and help, I’d like to offer you some free support. I’m currently carrying-out market research to develop my business, which helps people become happier and more successful. It’s genuine market research; I won’t be selling you anything.

I have two anonymous and confidential questionnaires: it would great if you would complete one; and pass-on this message to any contacts who might be interested. Details of how to claim the support are at the end of each questionnaire.

Many thanks for your time and help.

Option 1

Are you a designer/photographer/artist/in another creative business? Would you like free, professional support to start/grow a business? Please complete the anonymous & confidential survey at http://bit.ly/CreativeBizz.

Option 2

Do doubts and fears stop you going for what you want in life? Would you like free, professional support to gain internal assurance and greater confidence? Please complete the anonymous and confidential survey at http://bit.ly/DoubtsFears.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Arthur.

And I would love to connect with any blog readers who find my surveys of interest.

Arthur Schenck said...

Good luck! Glad I could help in a small way.