Friday, December 31, 2010

First iPad post

I recently took over Nigel's iPad and have been playing with it ever since. It's pretty much everything I expected and wanted.

I wanted it mainly as an e-reader, and it's great for that. Actually, that's a subject in itself.

I also tried some games, which isn't what the iPad is known for. But Words with Friends is MUCH easier on a bigger screen. I also tried Sim City for the iPad, and it's much better than the normal Mac version.

I'll probably do a full review another time, but the main point of this was to try posting from iPad. It's not as easy as typing from a computer, but it's much easier than from the iPhone/iPod Touch.

And that's my first blog post from an iPad.


seawall said...

Yeah, I got to play with an iPad when we were last back Stateside because Aaron's uncle and brother both work for Apple. It was fun, I guess, but the typing thing bugged me too and I decided I prefer my laptop.

Aaron almost got an iPhone but decided on a Droid instead because it's open source (and for some reason the Apple employee discount doesn't cover iPhones, so not worth it).

Arthur Schenck said...

My iPhone is a "hand me up", so technically didn't cost me anything, either! I do find the iPad MUCH easier to type on, especially since I learned to use my thumb, too.