Monday, December 27, 2010

And back to it… again

The Christmas holidays were great. It doesn’t matter specifically what we did (nine people, all up, at our house—a great day), but I’ll say one word my Chicago self could never have imagined being associated with Christmas: Barbecue. It was much cooler this year than last (in our house), and that matters, too.

We did NOT go to any Boxing Day sales this year. There was nothing we wanted/needed, and we couldn’t be bothered fighting the crowds just to look.

Actually, this year the stat holidays are bumped to Monday and Tuesday (because Christmas Day and Boxing Day fell on a weekend), so we have another day to visit the sales—or not.

Tomorrow we return to just us, and the projects we’ve set out for ourselves, including re-organising my office (a project I’ve already begun). We expect to get a lot done over the next couple weeks.

This also means that I’ll be returning to normal blogging. I’ve been thinking about a couple things to blog about, and they may even actually become blog posts. In fact, I expect to do quite a few blog posts between now and the end of the year. You have been warned!


seawall said...

We felt we had to go out and see Boxing Day, as we'd heard it was major here. While out, I admit, I saw DVDs were 25% off at Whitcoulls and got myself Doctor Who Series 5. That should last me about a week ;)


Roger Owen Green said...

btw, 10 inches of snow in Albany. and wind - lots of wind, to blow around the powder.

Arthur Schenck said...

Seawall: Yep, there are many great bargains to be had in the days following Christmas, Angela. Congrats on finding some good ones!

Roger: You know, there are actually people who ask me if I miss the winters of my youth. You've highlighted precisely why I don't!