Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday brain

These days, I find it’s a good idea to write things down. It’s not just appointments and to do lists, important as they are, but also ideas for stuff. A consequence of getting older, I suppose. In a holiday time, this is even more important as I’m even less focused than my less-than-focused normal.

Yesterday morning I woke up with what I thought was a great idea for a blog post, one I thought had the potential to be thought-provoking or maybe insightful. I knew I should write it down as soon as I got up, but that wasn’t convenient (it was still the holidays and there were people in the house to socialise with). Naturally, I completely forgot my “great idea”.

There’s a possibility that I’ll think it again, only since I won’t remember it from the first time, it’ll be all brand new and shiny. This is the one advantage of having a memory not as sharp as when I was younger: Some things are “new” many different times.

But lack of time to write things down isn’t the only barrier to thinking about blog posts, of course: There are plenty of other distractions. Today we went shopping (and got some clothes 30% or 20% off regular price, for example). Then there was lunch to have. In the evening, dinner and more socialising. Blogging takes a back seat to all such things, especially at the holidays.

However, there are three more days in this year, three more-or-less normal days (for a holiday period), and so there are plenty of opportunities to think of new topics (or to re-discover forgotten topics).

Provided, of course, this holiday brain doesn’t continue to be in control. And, if it does, I’m sure I’ll re-discover many great ideas in the new year.

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