Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new global GLBT rights group?

I’ve had this video on my list to post for a few days and only now that my schedule is returning to normal can I finally get around to it. It’s a promotional video for a new organisation called All Out, which will launch next year. It aims to be a global organisation working for GLBT equality. On their site, they note:
“In 76 countries around the world being LGBT is a criminal offense. In 10, it is legal grounds for execution or life imprisonment. Even in countries where LGBT people have secured basic rights, many LGBT people are denied the opportunity to live full and equal lives and endure daily homophobia.”
True enough, and I can certainly see a role for a global organisation. Such a group could be particularly useful to put pressure on the bad countries. So, the group could be interesting (or it may not amount to anything). We’ll probably have a better idea next year.

In the meantime, though, I think this video is very well done, and that’s the reason I’m sharing it.

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d said...

It's the "gay agenda" that stupid Americans have been fearing! ;)

Seriously, though - it's 2011. We need to get the whole world up to speed with women's rights (a separate topic, yes) and GLBT rigths.