Thursday, November 02, 2017

Twenty Two Years Together

Twenty-two years ago today, November 2, 1995, I arrived in New Zealand to live. That made it the day that Nigel and I began our life together, and that’s why it was the date we observed as our anniversary, long before we had any other dates to choose from. All of that still continues, because it all still matters.

Because this date was when I arrived in New Zealand to stay, I often call it my “expataversary”, because it’s the day I officially became an expat. The real significance of that fact is that all of my stories since—here on this blog or elsewhere—are related to or stem from that date. That’s pretty consequential.

On the other hand, because this date was when Nigel and I began our life together, it has even greater personal importance. Sure, that couldn’t have happened if the expat thing hadn’t happened, but when looking at what matters most to my life, how it unfolded, how my life was changed and shaped, it was beginning life with Nigel that matters more than anything else in my life, including the arrival here—which made all that possible. Clearly, sometimes real life can be a living, breathing M. C. Escher artwork.

So, this date has always been significant to us, and it still is “the day that really mattered”. And a hard-working anniversary it is, too.

Here’s to 22 more!

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