Saturday, November 11, 2017

B&W photo challenge: Day seven of seven

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The last photo in this series—a sigh of relief for everyone! I thought of this one about the same time I thought of yesterday’s, but I didn’t shoot the photo until today. Like all the others in this series, I didn’t use any special photographic techniques, apart from getting down on the ground to take the photo. Afterward, I cropped it slightly and adjusted the brightness/contrast after converting it to black and white.

In keeping with the rules of the challenge, I haven’t said anything about the photos themselves that could even remotely be thought of as explanation. However, now that the challenge is over, I see no reason why I can’t talk about the actual photos.

So, I’ll do a sort of omnibus post talking about all of the photos, but because I’m busy with work, I may not get to it until next week. I’ll add a link here on this post once that one is up (the explanation post is now published).

Thanks to my friend Linda for tagging me, and thanks to everyone for playing along, or indulging me, as the case may be.

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