Sunday, November 05, 2017

New photo challenge

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The photo above is the first in a seven day photo challenge. As with the series I did last year, I was challenged by a friend on Facebook, but part of this challenge is to make no explanation. That means that most of my sharing of the photos here will be less detailed than last year.

Like last year, I’ll share any technical details about how I took the photo, but this time I won’t say what it depicts, not that I think that part really matters, anyway. So, the caption on the Instagram sharing is all the “explanation” I’ll be making of the photos themselves.

Several people I know have done this challenge, and whoever does is supposed to tag someone else to do the challenge, too. Every day. I don’t challenge people to do stuff like this, but do I like seeing others join in and what they create. If you do it, too, leave a link in the comments.

There was nothing remarkable about how I took this photo: I just put my phone very low, and angled it so only one part was in focus. I do that sort of shot all the time, and it's one anyone using their phone to shoot photos ought to try, too.

What I find fascinating about this sort of thing is how it focuses the mind. When I first saw photos in my Facebook newsfeed, I decided I’d do the challenge, too, regardless of whether anyone challenged me. And, I immediately thought of one photo I’d shoot. The one above is not it, but was one that “popped into my head” when I decided to start today. Later, another one did, too, along with a few less well formed ideas. So, like last year, I have subjects for the first few days sorted, which is nice. All of which means that ideas popped up as soon as my mind was committed to the idea of doing the photo challenge. I think it’s really cool how the mind does that. Now, if only that worked for me with verbal things, too…

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