Saturday, November 25, 2017

Let the 2017 asking begin

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, so that means it’s once again time for my annual “Ask Arthur” series of posts, something I’ve been doing every December since 2012 (plus two July series). This year, I thought I’d ask for questions the end of November so that I can begin the answers earlier in December (last year, it took me nearly two weeks to begin answering questions).

This series is a chance for people to ask me nearly anything, and I try to answer whatever I’m asked. I have no particular topics that are “off limits”, but if I can’t answer something for whatever reason I’ll say so, though I’ve never had a question that I wouldn’t answer.

I’ve been aksed about myself, my past, about life in New Zealand—mine or in general—about being an expat, what I think about various topics or events in the news, and so on. Many different things, many possibilities.

To ask questions, leave a comment on this post (anonymous comments are allowed). Or, you can also email me your question (and you can even tell me to keep your name secret, although, why not pick a nom de question?). You can also ask questions on the AmeriNZ Facebook page, though some people may want to keep in mind that all Facebook Pages are public, just like this blog.

UPDATE: My friend Linda reminded me that you can also send a question as a private message by clicking on "Send a Message" on the AmeriNZ Facebook Page. I forget about that because, as the page owner, I don't see that button whenever I visit the page.

Finally, as I always note, this idea is stolen from inspired by Roger Green’s “Ask Roger Anything” (“ARA”) posts, which he still does, and far more often than I do.

So, over to you: Ask your question whatever way works best for you, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

All posts in this series will be tagged “AAA-17”. All previous posts from every “Ask Arthur” series are tagged, appropriately enough, ”Ask Arthur”.


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Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

That's a good one—and first question, so it'll be answered first, too. 🙂

rogerogreen said...

1. Will you get to 365 posts in 2017? Is AAA an opportunity to get there?
2. Who are the 3-5 (or more most reprehensible people in the Cabinet or a dept head (EPA, OMB, Census, FCC) and why? Feel free to select those now out of office (Tom Price, e.g.)
3. Who are the 2-3 most reprehensible members of the WH staff? (Kellyanne, Sarah Huck, Pence, Stephen Miller). Feel free to select those now out of office (Spicey, Bannon).
4. Do you think the election of the Pussygrabber in chief has led to the #MeToo? Would it have happened if HRC had won?

Sherry Schultz said...

America feels like it is so messed up. Do you feel like New Zealand is a far better example of the way a country should be? Would you ever move back to America?

rogerogreen said...

What are your favorite songs originally done by the Beatles?

rogerogreen said...

Should Al Franken resign? Should John Conyers?

rogerogreen said...

Who would you say are your current favorite musicians, and how has that changed over time? And specifically, how has being in New Zealand affected that?

rogerogreen said...

Who will be the last person standing after Mueller implicates Jared, Jared rats out Sessions, et al?

rogerogreen said...

Which blogpost or posts have gotten the most comments well after when you first posted?

rogerogreen said...

Why don't you have a Kiwi accent? Does Nigel? And how good are you in deciphering the Kiwi accent? Also, how much of the language of the Maori do you know?