Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bella’s ‘birthday’ again

Today is our cat Bella’s birthday—well, so-called, because we don’t know when she was born. Since she was our second furbaby, we gave her a birthday that was six months after Jake’s. But this is a special birthday, made up or not, because we didn’t expect it.

Back in July, we were told that Bella had kidney disease, and we were led to believe that Bella had maybe a couple weeks to live. It wasn’t a happy time, of course, and we thought, based on what we’d been told, that she would never see her next “birthday”.

Not even ten days later, she had improved. In fact, she’s continued to do well for over two months, so much so that the end of last month I said we describe her as “the healthiest sick cat around”. And she still is.

Obviously this won’t go on forever—but it never does for any of us, so why obsesses about that? Whether she makes it to her “birthday” next year or the year after or not is kind of beside the point. She’s here now, continues to be happy and content, and that’s enough.

Bella has been a welcome and loved addition to our family, and we’re glad for each day we have with her. And we’re glad to celebrate another “birthday” with her—though she clearly has NO idea what we’re on about. We do, though, and that, too, is enough.

Happy Birthday, Bella!

I took the photos with this post this afternoon, though I had to interrupt her nap to take them.

Bella’s Birthday (2013)
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