Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday chores

There were things to be done today, but it wasn’t a bad day to do them: Bright, sunny, blue skies with some puffy clouds. A bit cool, maybe, but a lovely day, nevertheless. It took months and months to get here, but his is what we’ve been waiting for.

This time of year can be brilliant in Auckland: Sunny, calm, and not yet with the heat of summer. Generally, this part of Spring is better than the equivalent time in Autumn, I think.

So this was a good day to go and run some errands. I needed to get a new Warrant of Fitness for my car (photo above), and I also went to the grocery store. Ordinary things, but it being such a nice day—finally!— it all seemed a little less chore-like than it would have on a rainy day. And we’ve had plenty of them in recent months.

Chores, yes, but a good day to do them.

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