Sunday, October 02, 2016

Donald didn’t pay taxes? We’re shocked!

This is a story that should surprise no one: A New York Times investigation has shown that because of Donald’s many business failures in the 1990s, he lost enough money that he didn't have to pay ANY federal income tax for nineteen years. It sure looks like this is the real reason he refuses to release his income tax returns.

In his statement in response (available in the above link), Donald tried tried to deflect and distract, but he also claimed—with typical arrogant exaggeration—that he “knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for President”. Based on this investigative report, it looks more like he knows more about NOT paying taxes than anyone else.

Now, more than ever, Donald MUST release his tax returns. Voters have the right to know.


rogerogreen said...

I hope it was Marla who provided them!

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

The list of people he betrayed suspects is endless…

On a side note, when leaked emails showed that a far-right leader of the NZ National Party was colluding with a rightwing religious cult to try and win the 2005 NZ election, all the ex-leader would ever say is that the emails were "stolen", as if that negated the conspiracy to circumvent election law that he'd been involved in (in addition to routine dirty politics the party usually engages in). Donald is now doing the exact same thing with the NY Times investigation: Talking about how the information was "illegally obtained" and, of course, ignoring the implication that he, the World's Most Brilliant Businessman™ lost nearly a BILLION dollars in the 1990s, and, unlike everyday Americans, he paid ZERO income taxes for nearly two decades.

Donald = Deflect, obscure, distract.

rogerogreen said...

Yeah, but if Marla IS the source, they weren't illegally obtained. They are her returns too.