Thursday, October 20, 2016

Progress is on the ballot

The video above from Hillary Clinton’s campaign features President Barack Obama making a passionate plea for people to vote. Hillary doesn’t appear until the very end of the ad, though, because the whole point of the ad is that all the progress made over the past eight years is in serious danger of being repealed if Democrats don’t win next month.

It is vital that Hillary Clinton be elected the next President of the United States. I have no equivocation on that point, not the least because—as so many have said—the Republican candidate represents an existential threat to the United States, its democracy, and even world peace. He is a dangerous, narcissistic, fascistic, demagogue.

But winning the presidency is only the first step.

Democrats MUST win control of the US Senate. The other day, John McCain declared that if Republicans maintain control of the Senate, they’ll block ANY Supreme Court nominee of Hillary Clinton indefinitely. This is after eight years of partisan political games in which Republicans tried to block every single thing that President Obama proposed—even when it was their idea originally. Although McCain is clearly embarrassed about having revealed the Republicans’ plans to continue being obstructionists, it’s nevertheless true that Republicans CAN block a Supreme Court nominee for years on end if they want to—even if that means that there are two or three vacancies.

This must end, and the ONLY way to do that is to hand the Republican Party the biggest defeat possible. I’ve done my part—I voted. Obviously, I voted Democratic. I sincerely believe everyone else should, too.

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