Thursday, October 06, 2016

Dogs on it

Here’s a photo of Jake and Sunny, take then the same day I took the photo of Bella for her birthday. I decided to post it because I realised that I hadn’t posted one of the dogs since Sunny’s birthday in July. It also gives me a chance to talk about the photos themselves.

When I was getting ready to take the photos of Bella, I knew I wanted them to be relatively close up, and ideally that meant one I could use from a distance (I hoped to catch her sleeping). While my phone can take decent photos, it can’t do that.

So, my first thought was to use my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX10. This is basically a lens that uses my phone or iPad as the viewfinder. It has a spring-loaded clip to attach it to my phone, plus a standard tripod mount. This is the camera I use the most (apart from just the phone camera), and I’ve used it a lot for video (like my video at the beach in Takapuna) as well as still photos.

For some reason, though, I couldn’t get it to pair with my phone, and being very busy this week, I didn’t have time to muck around with it. So, I turned to the best camera we have, a Samsung NX-1000. This is a high-resolution camera that I use mostly for copying photos, to be honest, for which I have a special camera stand. I’ve used it for video a couple times, but it’s bulkier than the Sony and, besides, I haven’t done all that much live video recording—yet.

The Samsung’s battery was flat, so I had to charge that first. When it was done, I put it in the camera and, to make sure it was working, I snapped some photos of the dogs lying in the doorway to my office. They were just spontaneous and mostly about testing the camera, which is why they're not my best photos. The one above is the best of them.

I shot a lot of photos of Bella (and picked two of my favourites for her birthday post), and I used it for a photo later on that may (or may not…) end up in a post at some point. In any event, when I have more time, I want to play with it some more to see what it can do.

So, the photo up top wasn’t intentional in that I didn’t set out to take photos of Jake and Sunny, which is why they're not my best photos. I’m glad I did, though. I haven’t posted a photo of them since July, after all, and that’s far too long.

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