Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Donald the tax avoider

The video above hits Donald on his avoiding paying income tax for nearly two decades. The message is all true and accurate and, in the nature of such ads, hard hitting. For all those reasons, I think it's good.

Donald is—inexplicably—continuing with his talking point that him not paying income tax makes him “brilliant”. But when 86% of Americans—including Donald’s supporters—think paying taxes is a civic duty, his excuse is clearly not “brilliant”. He’s saying that ordinary Americans who work had, play by the rules and pay their taxes are chumps, idiots, and losers.

Donald lies that he’d change the tax code so that rich people like him would pay their fair share of taxes. Uh huh. In which of his many alternate realities would that actually happen? There’s absolutely NO WAY he’d change the laws that have enriched him and his fellow millionaires. So, clearly Donald thinks that ordinary people are idiots because they pay their taxes, and even more so because they’ll believe him when he lies that he’ll make rich people pay more in taxes.

Donald even tried to make his failure to pay taxes all Hillary Clinton’s fault. He asked his fans why Hillary Clinton, acting alone and with her superhuman powers, didn’t close the loopholes that allowed him to avoid paying income taxes for nearly two decades. More evidence that Donald thinks the American people are stupid, and too dumb to know that one person cannot fix the rules the elites set up to benefit themselves. But at least Hillary Clinton—unlike Donald—is telling the truth about working to ensure the rich and ultra-rich pay their fair share in taxes.

How on earth Donald, that tax-avoiding, lying, narcissistic bully who treats ordinary people with such contempt, can have any support at all beyond the racists and white supremacists he’s been courting, is a total mystery to me.

Footnote: The video above is from Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee authorised by Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee, and several state Democratic Parties. Somehow I doubt that Donald is doing anything to raise funds for the Republican Party or any of its state parties. In this case, that'd be one good thing about him.

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