Thursday, October 16, 2014

Equal cat time

This week, I’ve posted photos of Jake and Sunny on two different days: First when they were shorn, then a couple days later when they had a tanning party when we were all outside. Today, it’s some equal time for Bella.

The photo above is of Bella this morning, right after I opened up the curtains. She doesn’t seem pleased about that. I didn’t make the bed until she got up. Of course.

The photo below is of her trying to nap on the lounge floor. I think she was a bit annoyed that I used the flash to brighten the shadows a bit.

There are times when Bella’s not asleep (or just waking up), and I’ve even posted photos of her when she’s been fully awake. But the truth is, taking photos of furbabies—dog or cat—is generally easier when they’re at least drowsy.

And, for anyone who thinks I’ve posted too many photos of the kids this week, well, if history is any indicator, it’ll be a long time between drinks. Normal blog topics will dominate in the meantime. Probably.

But, honestly, how could I NOT post photos of such cuteness?


rogerogreen said...

Bella: "But you had THREE pics of those silly canines, but only TWO of wonderful moi!"

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Thing is, that's exactly what went through my mind—and I wanted to get a third photo. Hashtag liberal parent…