Monday, October 13, 2014

Shear ordinariness

Today I took the dogs for their spring clipping, getting them ready for summer. Above is a photo of them in the car, as we got ready to head back home. It was a perfectly ordinary event, really, part of an ordinary day—something I don’t document on this blog nearly enough.

The thing is, the spring clipping is very noticeable, as Sunny, in particular, goes in looking like a sheep and comes out as a cute little dog. Jake’s transformation is less dramatic, but no less cute.

I noticed that they kept staring at me after their grooming, and there are two possible reasons for that, I think. The first is that they can see so much better after their clipping that they can’t help themselves. The second possibility is equally plausible: They always stare, but we can only notice it when they’re newly shorn.

In any case, when we got home, they followed me everywhere as I moved around the house. I think they were afraid I might leave them again.

Bella, meanwhile, was somewhat confused when I stopped in the house and didn’t have the dogs with me. When I came back later with them, she came up to the gate to greet us as we walked in the yard. She seemed to have missed them.

In any case, the photo below is of the kids right after we got back in the car. It’s the photo I shared on social media, so it was natural to share it here, too.

Since I wasn't far away, I decided to have an early lunch at Carl’s Jr., which I rarely go to because the nearest one to us is in Albany, a bit of a drive and well out of my way to go to. Below is the photo of my visit I shared on social media; note the lack of actual food in the photo. I’ll return to that point another day.

Aside from lunch, there was a quick trip to the grocery store, that stop at home to drop off the stuff, before heading out again to pick up the dogs. Like I said, an ordinary day.

But I realised part way through it all, that I never document one of my days on this blog, and I think I’d like to from time to time. More about that, too, another time.

Right now, it’s time for bed. Like I said: It’s an ordinary day.

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