Friday, November 28, 2014

So, anyway…

Today has been a pretty ordinary Friday, really, as I took care of some things around the house. But at one point I was tidying up and decided to call the puppies. Sunny came running, followed by Bella. I grabbed my phone.

The photo above is one of the ones I took of Bella. For some reason, she wouldn’t hold still and wait for me to take a photo. Diva! Seriously, the photo here is what I thought was the best of the lot.

It all started, however, when I decided to do a “Sunny Selfie”. She wasn’t entirely sure it was a good idea, possibly because I’d forgotten to mute my phone and it was making “shutter” noises every time I snapped a photo. In any event, the below was the best of the lot.

Jake, meanwhile, was begging for a cookie from his other father. His patience was not rewarded, and he missed out on a photo, too. Mind you, he’s probably sick of having photos taken of him. And that’s why today’s photos are just of the girls (and a little bit of me). There’ll probably be photos of all of them, including Jake, next week; it’s a busy work week again.

So, anyway, this all just goes to show that there’s far more to life than politics. Even for me.

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