Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just one more

I still haven't had time to blog, or the energy, so here’s just one more photo of the furbabies. Well, one more for now, anyway.

I took this photo Thursday afternoon as the three of them were lying on the deck together. Sunny happened to lift her head, but up until then, she’d been sleeping, too.

It’s not at all unusual for the three of them to lie close to each other—even far closer than that. Most nights the three of them sleep on the bed right close to us—how close, precisely, depends on the time of year and how cold they are: In winter they’ll nudge up against us, but in simmer they may jump down to stay cooler.

During the day, I often find them lying near each other on the living room floor or on the bed. The three of them are pretty social, obviously.

Their social natures were pretty evident at the party last night, where most of them wandered around quite happily. Sunny enjoyed prowling for dropped food last night (including a sausage), but Jake mostly stayed by himself in the bedroom for the first part of the evening. He did, however steal a pork chop (the first time, as far as I know, he’s stolen food off a table—well, it was left unattended…), and later in the night he was prowling for dropped food, too. Bella jumped up in my lap several times.

Despite running a wee bit too late, especially the karaoke, the party was fun and everyone had a good time. There was plenty of food, all of it yummy, served up with a lot of laughs and talk. It was a good night.

We very seldom have parties, maybe once a year (our last one was over a year ago to celebrate our marriage). This is probably a good thing, really, because it turns out that I can’t take late nights quite like I used to, so I was tired all day today, something that not even a nap properly fixed. And that, ultimately, meant I just didn’t have the energy, mental or physical, to do a full post.

At least, I didn’t think I did until I decided to post the photo above. And that ended up leading to a post, it seems.

Once again, the furbabies have saved the (blogging) day.

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