Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is war over?

I recently ran across the video above, and thought it was interesting. I didn’t share it here, though, because I couldn’t—well, didn’t want to—independently verify its claims. Still, it IS interesting.

I saw commenters on YouTube (yes, I usually avoid YouTube comments) were taking exception to the mention of Russia invading Ukraine. The naysayers were correct on very, very technical point—apart from the forced annexation of Crimea. The plebiscite for that annexation reminded me of the 1938 Anschluss between Nazi Germany and Austria, and for many reasons, actually.

That aside, the video seems mainly accurate to me. From what I could easily tell, any errors weren’t big enough to take away from the central message, that war between nations may be over. I hope they're right.

At any rate, this is an interesting attempt to visualise historic data, and I think we need more attempts at making complex topics more easily understandable.

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