Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our puppies save the day

I started several blog posts today, but stopped partway through each one. I just wasn’t feeling them. I was about to give up for today, but then our puppies saved the day.

It wasn’t their idea, of course. Yesterday I’d snapped a couple photos, and this evening I remembered that. A post was born, the (blogging) day was saved.

The photo up top is Sunny looking out the window. I’m not quite sure why she was doing that, though a fly had gotten into the house (I had the deck doors open), so maybe she was looking for it. Or, maybe she was just enjoying the view. It’s not the first time she’s done that, and only a minute or so earlier she was rolling around on the bed and grunting, something else she often does (it’s why the duvet cover is a little messed up). This was the longest I've seen her do that, though.

The photo of Jake below is of him after he crawled up on a pile of clothes on a chair in the bedroom—sweatshirts and things I’d unpacked from our recent trip to Hamilton (and, yes, not yet put away…). When I saw him, I could swear he had a guilty look on his face, like he thought he was in trouble for being where he was. As if! Cuteness is a wonderful shield. I think this photo makes him look like he's slightly annoyed at having his photo taken.

Bella was sleeping outside while all this was going on, so no photo of her yesterday. I posted photos last month, though.

So, the puppies helped save the day, giving me something to post, after all. They’re helpful like that.

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rogerogreen said...

I'm so busy that I'm really having yim to complete blog posts. Some get started, but they don't have room/time to breathe...