Saturday, May 03, 2014

NZMM Day 3 - Supergroove

When I asked Twitter about what Kiwi music I should share here, my pal @jinnee79 was the first to respond, suggesting "Sitting Inside My Head" (video above) from Supergroove’s 1994 album, Traction. I wasn’t familiar with the song.

"Sitting Inside My Head" peaked at number 6 on the NZ music charts and went Gold. I was far more familiar with their biggest hit, “Can't Get Enough” (video below), also from Traction. That song went to number 1 in New Zealand, and #32 in Australia, apparently their only single to chart across the ditch. The song also went Platinum. It’s not surprising that this was the song I was most familiar with.

Supergroove was active between 1989 and 1997, when they disbanded. They came back together in 2007 to support Crowded House’s tour of New Zealand, and are still active.

The Supergroove album Traction, which had both the songs in this post, won Album of the Year at the 1995 New Zealand Music Awards, and the group also won Best Group. “Can’t Get Enough” won Best Video, too.

After Supergroove broke-up in 1997, members went on to other projects, the most successful being Che Fu (birthname, Che Ness), who had a Number One hit with “Chains” within weeks of the break up of Supergroove. He’s a subject for another day.

Supergroove was on the scene when I arrived in New Zealand, so they're part of my “personal soundtrack” from that time. When they make a film of my life one day, expect to hear “Can’t Get Enough” playing in the background during some scene. Okay, that’s not really going to happen, but it would be appropriate.

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