Monday, May 26, 2014

NZMM Day 26 – Tami Neilson

And now, a change: "Country, Soul, Rockabilly" artist Tami Neilson is today’s artist. Up until now, I’ve posted pop, rock, hiphop, etc., but no country. This choice sort of fell out of the ether.

Tami was born in Canada, part of a performing family, and now lives in New Zealand. She fell in love with a Kiwi man, moved here, and they’re now married. Yes, it’s a similar story, apart from the fact that I don’t sing, of course, for which the world is grateful.

The song above, “Whiskey & Kisses”, is from Dynamite!, her first album to be recorded solely in New Zealand. The song, a duet between Tami and Ben Woolley, was just named “Best Country Music Song” at the New Zealand Country Music Awards in Gore this past Friday.

The video below is a special double video of the songs "Texas”, with a bonus performance of "Cry Over You”. The non-performance parts of the video are pretty cheesy, and not really in a good way, but her performances are solid. “Texas” was also a finalist for “Best Country Music Song”.

Finally, a completely different sort of song, "Walk (Back to Your Arms)". It’s more bluesy/souly sort of song, kind of reminiscent of Adele, Peggy Lee, among others. These days, artists don’t have to stick to one style only.

I’ll admit that country isn’t one of my favourite genres, but, neither is hiphop, reggae or hard rock, yet all have been part of this adventure in blogging. This one fell into my virtual lap when I saw a Tweet from NZ On Air, and, well, why not? After all, this whole project started with a Tweet, so why not start to wind down with a post inspired by one?


rogerogreen said...

Cry Over You has a real Patsy Cline feel.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes, it does. I've seen reviews that have compared her (favourably) to Patsy.