Thursday, May 15, 2014

NZMM Day 15 – Eye TV

Eye TV was an Auckland-based pop rock group that began in 1990 as an Indie rock group, The Nixons. They had three albums and 15 videos funded by NZ On Air, which is pretty impressive in itself.

The video above is “One Day Ahead”, their biggest single. It was from their third and final album, 2000’s Fire Down Below. The song reached Number 9 and was on the charts for 18 weeks, which helped the album reach Number 10.

According to the site 5000 ways to love you, the video for “One Day Ahead” was “shot with the song sped up and then slowed down in edit, giving the everything a dreamy feel.” I actually always wondered how they got that effect. I always like the song and video.

The other single from the same album was “Just the Way It Is” (below). It has a completely different sound, and it’s also a song I never heard before this project. Not the first time that’s happened.

Eye TV broke up the year after Fire Down Below, and the band mates went their separate ways. All of them still make music. Interestingly, Sean Sturm, the lead singer (and a spikey-haired blond in the video up top) completed a PhD in English and became a lecturer at Auckland University—not exactly the way a rocker’s story typically goes.

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