Friday, May 16, 2014

NZMM Day 16 – The Exiles

Until I began this NZMM journey, I’d never heard of The Exiles. Once again, I heard of a band precisely because of this blogging experiment.

I came across The Exiles when I was putting together my post on Eye TV. It turns out, Sean Sturm, lead singer of Eye TV was also part of The Exiles. The band formed in 2003.

The single above is “The One”:
"The inspirations were Metropolis, Tim Burton's first short film Vincent, the colour red, and the idea of desiring machines. Our mate Steve from the Misfits of Science sat in on drums and we CGI-ed our drummer Grahame in later (shh!).
Sean Sturm - Feb 09"
The reason this song is so significant is this: “'The One' [is] the first independently released NZ track to reach the Top 30 on radio play and digital sales alone.” This was a significant thing, marking a shift in the way music was sold.

Beyond all that, I know nothing about this song or the band. But, as I’ve said, discovering new things is part of what this who experiment has been about.

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