Saturday, May 24, 2014

NZMM Day 24 – Broods

Today’s band is Auckland-based, Nelson-born, brother and sister duo, Broods. They were also suggested to me.

Broods is Caleb and Georgia Nott, who were born in grew up in Nelson as part of a performing family, getting their start, really, while in high school. The band name was suggested to them by their manager, and they apparently liked the double meaning—being part of a family and the brooding feeling in their music.

Their first single was “Bridges” (above), which reached Number 8 on the New Zealand singles charts, Number 57 in Australia and Number 26 on the Alternative Chart in the USA. It also went Gold. Not bad for a debut single from a new group.

“Bridges” was included on their EP Broods, which was released this past January. That EP went to Number 2 in New Zealand, Number 30 in Australia and Number 164 in the USA. Their full-length debut album is due to be released in August of this year.

The next single, also on their EP, was “Never Gonna Change” (below). It reached Number 40 on the New Zealand singles chart.

I’d never heard of Broods until they were suggested to me, but I like their stuff—so far, at least. Their brooding sound sounds perfect for after a night out, or on a quiet day. It’ll be interesting to see what else they do.


rogerogreen said...

Nice sound; maybe too...brooding?

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I did think along those lines—some people wouldn't like the sound at all because of that. Personally, I don't mind that, but I like a variety of music.