Friday, May 02, 2014

NZMM Day 2: ‘Welcome Home’

Today’s song is “Welcome Home” by Dave Dobbyn, a song that spoke to me personally probably more than any other pop song in my life. If you hear the song, it’s pretty obvious why: It welcomes people like me.

The song is Dave Dobbyn’s welcome to all those who “sacrificed much to be here” in New Zealand. Everyone who's come to this land has "sacrificed much", however much we gain. It’s so bloody awesome to have someone say, simply, “welcome”.

I’ve often said that if modern New Zealand had a musical soundtrack, I reckon Dave Dobbyn’s music would be a major part of it. It is essentially Kiwi, born of this place, filled with it, inspired by it. To me, his music is the sound of New Zealand singing.

This song is what I want to imagine hearing ordinary Kiwis singing, even though I know there’s much hostility to immigrants of one sort or another, as there is in most countries. And yet, there’s a generosity of spirit among New Zealanders, who are far more often than not willing to welcome new New Zealanders—people like me and also those utterly unlike me.

And, since Dave gave me the start to my New Zealand Music Month’s sharing, why not turn to him next? It won’t be the last time this month, I’m sure.

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