Friday, November 30, 2007

Text the Queen from a funeral

Stuff.co.nz had one of their silly online polls asking “where is the most inappropriate place to text?” The options were, a funeral, the movies, a meeting, driving in the car, a place of worship, a public toilet, in front of the queen.

And where do Stuff readers think is the more inappropriate place to text? A funeral won all day long. Personally, I would've thought that texting while driving was a wee bit more inappropriate (or, at least, stupid), but no.

The context for this is that the Grumpy Brigade has been beating up on Prime Minister Helen Clark for supposedly sending text messages during the Queen's speech to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Have you ever heard any of those speeches? Texting could provide some blessed relief.

At any rate, “In front of the queen” was thought to be the second most inappropriate place to text by Stuff readers who took part in the poll, which just reinforces the image of people who answer Stuff polls as having massive chips on their shoulders, waiting for any and every opportunity to stick it to the Prime Minister and the Labour-led Government. They're the Grumpy Brigade. They're also pretty thick, apparently.

As for me, I vote for whatever position I know will be opposite to the majority (whether I actually hold the position or not), and I do it from multiple computers just so I can mess with the results. I have utter contempt for online and phone-in polls, especially when the media pretend they have any validity whatsoever. This is my way of gaming the system.

Now, anyone have the Queen's cell number so I can text her from a funeral?

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d said...

yes - it's: 0-800-IM-JST-A-FIGURHD