Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Fellow American expat Darren, who with his wife Dawn was on my AmeriNZ Podcast episode 32, is taking part in Movember fundraiser (thanks to Dawn for blogging about this).

This annual event raises funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation by having men gain sponsorship and grow a moustache (a “mo”) during the month of November. It began in Australia as a way of raising awareness of, and money for, men's health issues, and it's now spread across the planet.

And men's health issues need all the attention they can get. According to the Movember site, “Every year in New Zealand 2,656 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 600 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male cancer deaths, after lung cancer.”

In general, men are reluctant to see a doctor for any health issue, and probably nothing frightens men more than a prostate check. Yet if it's caught early, prostate cancer is treatable and often curable.

Movember seeks to raise awareness of men's health issues as well as raise funds. Again from the Movember site, “donations are made directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand who will use the funds to create awareness, increase support networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer, fund research and scholarship programs.”

It's a great cause, and a solid, recognisable and effective charity, but one we've never supported before.

So this year, Nigel and I are sponsoring Darren, and you can, too, by going to his “Sponsor a Mo” page (then just click on the little blue “Sponsor” link). All donations over $5 are tax-deductible within New Zealand; I have no idea what the rules are for overseas donors, but should that really be the main concern?

Movember is a bit of fun with a serious and positive result. I hope you'll join us in sponsoring Darren.


d said...

Thanks for this post, Arthur! And thanks for your generous contribution as well. =)

I've asked Darren to get away from the "Ned Flanders" look, so he is now growing the sides of his 'mo' out a bit and is well on his way to the 'prisoner' look. WAY hotter than Flanders! ;)

Arthur Schenck said...

We're glad to help, and I hope others do, too. But, um, it can't be all that difficult to be way hotter than Ned Flanders, can it? :-)

Good luck with the fundraising!