Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Genius, I tell you

Ever since Eric over at Confessions of a etc., etc. told me to suck it over our podcast ranking rivalry, it's been war—war, I tell you! Well, the tables are turning.

Since he's switched his feed away from Podomatic, over the past few days my podcast has again become the number one ranked personal journal podcast on Podomatic's internal daily rankings. It's only a matter of time until I'm again number one overall (cue evil laugh).

So today, I go over to his site and see there's a thingee showing the “reading level” of his blog. “College (Undergrad)”, it said. Not bad. So then I followed the link and had my blog evaluated:

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Little ol' me with only a bachelor of arts degree writing like a bleedin' genius. Ha! Of course a completely plausible explanation is that I'm just a pretentious queen with a good thesaurus. Nah, I'll take genius.

Update 18 November: After adding only two posts, the reading level of my blog dropped to "College (Postgrad)". Who knew a more conversational post and one somewhat fragmented post could have such a devastating effect? And so I must endeavour to raise the level of vocabulary in this venture so as to avoid further linguistic descent, however quixotic that effort may be revealed to be. (there, that should have raised the level a bit...)


Rebel Yankee said...

see, I'm surprised my blog's even at college level since I use phrases like "suck it!" and generally use elementary school words and poo and tee-tee.
Oh, and PodOMatic can SUCK IT! :-)

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, but that's what makes your blog so much easier to read. Clearly readers like your blog as it is. Besides, mine is hardly the work OF a genius, so I just don't see how it can be at genius reading level--maybe they just mean I'm unfathomable.

At any rate, I guess your pain with PodOMatic is my gain!

Anonymous said...

and modest too...nk

Nik said...

Crap. I got elementary school. This is what comes of writing blog entries before coffee. Ah well. We journalists are taught to write for 14-year-olds after all!

Arthur Schenck said...

Anon: I've always thought that among my virtues--and they are as countless as grains of sand--modesty is perhaps my greatest.

Nik: Don't feel bad: The reading level of my blog still hasn't regained the giddy heights it reached when I made this post (which probably ruined it; bragging must be beneath a genius or something). BTW, I read like a 14-year-old much of the time!