Monday, November 19, 2007

John Howard and God

Embattled Australian Prime Minister John Howard chose a speech to a Korean Christian church in his electorate to imply that his conservative coalition government is more Christian, closer to his God, than the Opposition is:

"I'm not suggesting that God is either Liberal or Labor. He is neither. But I am suggesting that the influence of Christianity in such policies as families, individual responsibility ... personal choice and free enterprise sit very comfortably with the values of my party."

This isn't the first time Howard has tried to appeal to “Christian” voters. Previously he used the Karl Rove-like tactic of raising the spectre of same-sex marriage as a wedge issue. This time out, it looks like an act of desperation: Howard's coalition is trailing the Australian Labor Party in all opinion polls, some of which are indicating that Howard will lose his own electorate seat.

But wouldn't it be funny if it turned out that God was an Aborigine?

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d said...

In Bro'Town, God is a Pacific Islander. =)