Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AmeriNZ #55 - Being an expat

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Today I talk about being an expat, based largely on my own experience. I tell you somethings a new expat can expect to feel, both good and bad. I also tell you how it resolves itself, eventually turning into “home”. I also share some of my general feelings about being an expat and what that all means. After comments from Episode 54, I say a little about my Kiwi Thanksgiving. Finally it's a slightly revised version of my 30 second podcast promo. There may not be a podcast on Friday. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts about being an expat. I don't think I'll ever be an expat but if I am, I'll know what to expect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nik said...

Another excellent show as always!

Entirely off topic, what do you use for your home internet provider? Do you have broadband? We're shopping around now for the new house and trying to get an idea what people recommend out there...

Arthur Schenck said...

Archerr: Well, you never know: A year or so before I moved here, I would've said the same thing!

Nik: Thanks--that's great coming from a fellow expat!

We do have broadband, and I can't imagine being without it. There are a lot of good providers in NZ, and some who are not as good. Most people seem to dislike the service from Telecom NZ (Xtra), and I've heard high praise for Orcon.

There was a survey of ISP customer satisfaction in Consumer Magazine, which may give you some ideas. NZ prices are quite high (and speeds are low) by OECD standards, so it pays to shop around a bit. The best advice: Try and avoid any long-term contracts because there may be huge price drops within a year as the market is opened up.

Unknown said...

What a great podcast! Thanks for talking so much about being an expat- it really felt like you did a podcast just for me. If I do end up in New Zealand- on the top of my very short list since my visit there last year- I owe you a drink. Thanks again!


RambleRedhead said...

Fantastic show - As I mentioned in my voicemail - I really enjoy your show so much and so glad you are part of this community!

Arthur Schenck said...

pfoster: Thanks! In a way, it was kind of for you, since you posed the question in the first place. I'm always happy to talk about subjects that people want me to, so I always welcome questions. I'll take you up on that drink!

Ramble: Thanks, Tom! I really enjoy being part of the community, and having supportive friends like you.